Since 1943 the KC 3 & 2 Baseball Club has been providing competitive youth baseball in Kansas City, Missouri.

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Kansas City 3&2 2020 Fall Baseball Progran



Due to Covid-19 Health & Safety concerns,

Kansas City 3&2 Baseball will not operate the Fall Baseball Program in 2020.

We look forward to a great 2021 season next Spring.

Thank You for your continued support.


Overview – The Kansas City 3&2 Baseball Fall Program will held at the Kansas City 3&2 Baseball Complex.  The program is designed to provide opportunities for continued player development and enjoyment of baseball.  Game scores will not be submitted to the league and no standings will be kept.

Age Groups – The Fall Baseball Program will be played in advance of the upcomig year season for age purposes.  Players/Teams will compete in the age groups they will compete in during the following Spring/Summer League.  Age Eligibility is based on player's age on May 1 of the following year.  Example: Current 8U Rookie League teams will play in 9U Midget C Junior in the fall, Current 10U Midget C teams will play 12U Midget B in the fall, Current 12U Midget B teams will play 14U Midget A in the fall.

Divisions of Play - Fall Baseball Program divisions of play will align with the 2020 Spring/Summer Kansas City 3&2 Baseball divisions.  Age Eligibility is based on player's age on May 1 of the following year.

  • 8U Rookie League Machine Pitch
  • 9U Midget C Junior Into to Kid Pitch*
  • 10U Midget C
  • 12U Midget B
  • 14U Midget A

*Midget C Junior division is perfect for teams making the transition from Machine Pitch to Kid Pitch.  This division will use Midget C rules with the following exceptions…

•No Leadoffs, stealing, or advancing bases on a passed balls
•No advancing to 1st base on a “dropped third strike”
•No walks, after (4) balls, coach will pitch up to (3) additional pitches (Fall Program Only)

Schedule – Ten games will be scheduled with an Eight Game guarantee, not all games canceled due to weather will be rescheduled.  Our scheduling goal will be to ensure each team plays one game per week.  Some weekend games may be required to complete schedule if team count requires.

Cost – The Fall Baseball Program will operate on a reduced Player Fee basis.  The Player Fee will be $145 per player for 8U Machine Pitch, $155 per player for 9U Midget C Junior, $162 per player for 10U Midget C, $172 per player for 12U Midget B, and $179 per player for 14U Midget A.  No Parking Passes or Raffle Tickets will be required for the Fall Baseball Program League Games.

Game Balls & Umpires – Game Balls will be provided for all League Games.  One Umpire will be used in 8U Rookie League Machine Pitch and 9U Midget C Junior Intro to Kid Pitch.  Two Umpires will be used in 10U Midget C, 12U Midget B, and 14U Midget A.

Rule Modifications for Fall Baseball Program - see below for rule modifications and clarifications for the Fall Baseball Program.

Fall Only.  No standings are kept.  Wins and Losses are not recorded.
Fall Only.  Games may end in a tie.
Fall Only.  6 Runs per 1/2 Inning limit in all age groups.
Fall Only.  8U & 9U will play 6 innings with a 1:15 “no new inning” time limit and a 1:30 “no new batter” time limit.
Fall Only.  10U, 12U, & 14U will play 6 innings with a 1:30 “no new inning” time limit and a 1:45 “no new batter” time limit.
Fall Only.  Run Spreads will mathematical (the game is over if you can not tie the game) in all age groups with no “last inning comeback” provision.
Fall Only.  Home Team is determined by coin flip before every game.
Fall Only.  In the 9U intro to kid pitch division, there will be no walks - after four balls, offensive coach will pitch to batter with brand new count (coach may strike out his own batter with three strikes but may not walk his own batter.)  Player pitched “Hit by Pitch” is awarded first base, coach pitched “Hit by Pitch" is not awarded first base.
Clarification.  In 8U & 9U baserunners may not leave the base until the batter makes contact with the ball (first offense is a warning, second offense is an out.)
Clarification.  8U Full Roster Batting Required. 9U, 10U, 12U, & 14U may bat 9, 10, or full roster batting (same as Spring/Summer.)
Clarification.  8 Players are required to start and finish a game in all divisions.  The 9th batting position is an out if only playing with 8 players in all divisions (same as Spring/Summer.)
Clarification.  Game Time starts at first pitch (same as Spring/Summer.)